FRIEZE WEEK | MAY 11 – 13, 2013


Johnny Adimando

Kathryn Parker Almanas
Naomi Campbell
Ruth Dealy
Dana Dunham
Diana Joy
Jamey Morrill
Paul Myoda
Rodrigo Nava
Hao Ni
Allison Paschke
Masha Ryskin
Quintín Rivera Toro

Opening Reception:
Saturday, May 11, 2013, 7PM – 11PM

Yellow Peril at LightSpace Studios
1115 Flushing Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237

Hosted by Peter Davis, Editor in Chief, SCENE

Event Produced by So Chic RSVP

Special Performances by Malik So Chic / Hao Ni / Diana Joy

Music by DJ Liam McMullan

10% of Sales to Benefit charity:water

Exhibition Hours:
Saturday, May 11 – Monday, May 13, 1PM – 6PM


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Yellow Peril Gallery is pleased to present WORK HARDER, a group exhibition curated by Robert P. Stack, featuring cutting edge contemporary artists with installations that will temporarily occupy LightSpace Studio’s massive 5,100 square foot cyclorama stages and 28 foot ceiling clearances in Brooklyn, New York, during the run of Frieze New York 2013 from May 11 – 13, 2013. Peter Davis, Editor in Chief, SCENE (, is the Host for the opening reception produced by So Chic RSVP on Saturday, May 11, from 7PM – 11PM. A portion of all sales (10%) will benefit charity:water.

For some artists, the words WORK HARDER are a mantra of encouragement, pushing them to achieve their creative potential – 110% above and beyond what is expected. For others, WORK HARDER is nothing more than an admonishment from critics, peers or their inner demons for missing the mark completely. In short, discouraging words with the power to kill, crush or even destroy an already fragile ego.

“WORK HARDER is not about cynicism or questioning the work ethic of artists,” notes Yellow Peril Curator Robert P. Stack. “Each installation that will inhabit the same space is from artists whose body of work exemplifies strength, power and independence. It is this inherent inner-dialogue of pep talk versus admonishment that informs the core of the work exhibited,” he clarifies. “All of us are spurred on by the little men on each shoulder.”

Featured artists in WORK HARDER:

JOHNNY ADIMANDO creates art that speaks to a constantly shifting and material reality. Adimando’s work features a wide variety of mediums and spectacles, textures and fields. []

KATHRYN PARKER ALMANAS deals with themes of the human condition and body, often drawing ideas from the medical world. In her most recent work, Almanas has been constructing and photographing visceral tableaux, which incorporate surrogate organs that she makes out of dough, jelly, berries, fruit juices, and other material. []

NAOMI CAMPBELL is an interdisciplinary artist whose work bridges a strong connection with her background in the sciences, whether it is on the conceptual level, in translation or through the choice of material. []

RUTH DEALY is interested in the tension between what is seen and what is felt. Her work falls into two major groups: self-portraits and landscapes. Both are constants, mutated by time, light and season. Dealy tries to paint directly from her eye to her hand, without the shadow of editorial opinion falling in between. []

DANA DUNHAM desires to hold onto the traditional aspects of black and white film and then crossing it with the alternative process has taken his work and vision to heights that are uniquely his own. The negative, through controlled exposure and development yields the contrast and density that he desires. The liquid emulsion allows Dunham’s work to flow, to become something of itself and something that has become a world of its own. []

DIANA JOY is a damaged ‘80s pop icon with the intention of ruling the world in style via ritualistic music video and performance. She will smash your taboos and destroy your pop music. This future beast has a big heart and a broken time machine. Joy is an expert in clothing/costume design and manipulating audio and video and is schooled in performance art, video, mime, and bouffon. Currently, you can find her on craigslist turning tricks for the matrix. []

JAMEY MORRILL is a sculptor whose work has become increasingly sprawling and site-specific, with emphasis on mass-produced materials and organic forms. Often using commonplace materials, such as plastic bottles, chicken wire, and duct tape, Morrill constructs sculptures that are outwardly cerebral and systematic but that are fundamentally random and irrational. []

PAUL MYODA is inspired by the underlying logic and mathematical principles of the natural world. He applies them to his work with new media, technology and industrial materials. The result is compositions of light, motion, and form that find a balance and a beauty between the organic and the built. Regularly exhibited both nationally and internationally, his sculptures and installations are known for their elegance and their expression of organic forces through artificial materials and systems. []

RODRIGO NAVA is a process-oriented sculptor with a focus on explosive-forming techniques. Nava explores the interaction between the intentional hand of the sculpture, the material quality of steel and experimental explosive processes that alter the form created by hand. []

HAO NI is a sculptor and performance artist whose work also explores personal and cultural memory and more specifically takes a closer look at the space between the two. Ni is interested in exploring mapping and mimicry. []

ALLISON PASCHKE creates sculptural and installation work that is interactive. Sometimes movement through space and light affects the piece; sometimes the interaction is directly physical. Paschke is looking for a present tense engagement, not a remote contemplation. Her process is an intuitive balancing of the tensions between opposing forces. []

MASHA RYSKIN uses a variety of media, including drawing and painting, printmaking, installation, and fibers. Her work is concerned with landscape and its elements as a metaphor for memory, history, and passage of time. []

QUINTÍN RIVERA TORO is a sculptor known for his site-specific art installations and performances. As an artist with an activist slant, Rivera Toro creates work that communicates and engages with its audience. []

The opening reception for WORK HARDER is Saturday, May 11, 2013, from 7PM – 11PM, and will feature special performances by Malik So Chic, Hao Ni and Diana Joy. Music will be spun by DJ Liam McMullan. Peter Davis, Editor in Chief, SCENE, is the Host for the opening reception, which is produced by So Chic RSVP. A portion of all sales (10%) will benefit charity:water. The exhibition will be on display until Monday, May 13, 2013.

About Peter Davis
PETER DAVIS was born and raised in Manhattan. After majoring in painting at Bennington College, he worked at The Andy Warhol Foundation of the Visual Arts. And after interning at Paper during high school and graduating from Bennington, he began a monthly column for Paper chronicling nightlife and fashion and the latest it kids as well as interviewing numerous celebrities from Gwen Stefani to Kelly Slater to Zooey Deschanel. Kim Hastreiter, Paper’s founder and Editor, really discovered Davis and since being nurtured by Hastreiter, Davis has been published in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair, Vogue, The New York Observer, The Daily Beast and numerous other magazines and newspapers. He was the Features Director of The Daily Front Row and Editor at Large at Paper and VS Senior Editor. After nine months of being the Editor in Chief of Avenue, he left the magazine to start SCENE, a monthly New York based magazine owned by Jared Kushner, who also owns The New York Observer. In addition to being the EIC of SCENE, Davis is working on a non-fiction book (when not making frequent trips to his favorite stores: Supreme, Opening Ceremony and Dylan’s Candy Bar). He loves to travel but as a native New Yorker can never imagine living anywhere but Manhattan. For more info about SCENE, visit

About Malik So Chic
MALIK SO CHIC is New York City’s Favorite Gender-bending Socialite, fashionista, GAYNGSTA Rapper, Designer of the handbag line Pampered Royale, and founder of So Chic RSVP, a boutique event production agency with concierge and fashion services. So Chic has appeared in various reality TV xprograms, including Vh1’s The T.O. SHOW, Logo’s The  A-List, CW’s High Society and Lifetime’s Dance Moms. Born and raised in the affluent Cleveland Suburb of Shaker Heights, he attended Lutheran East Prep and Cleveland Heights High School before obtaining a dual BA in Fashion Merchandising /Fashion Design from Clark Atlanta University. So Chic also studied communications at the London College of Fashion as well as Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2003.  Upon moving to NYC in 2004, So Chic was accepted into the prestigious Columbia Publishing Course, a summer finishing program for recent graduates. He soon began interning and working for magazines such as Visionaire / Vmagazine and Marie Claire with stylists such as Patti Wilson and Jennifer Hitzges. A chance encounter in 2006 allowed him to meet Nightlife Queen Amy Sacco, who quickly hired him to promote Bungalow 8. So Chic soon became downtown’s most sought after nightclub promoter, working for some of the most exclusive nightclubs in NYC such as SL, One Oak , Juliet Super Club, Hudson Terrace, Avenue, Greenhouse, Le Bain and many more, eventually taking on private event clients which led to the birth of So Chic RSVP. Besides running So Chic RSVP and designing his handbag line Pampered Royale, So Chic also works at the Standard Hotel as the Nightlife Concierge Specialist. Over the past six months, he has been rapping and performing at various art galleries and fashion events. So Chic has lived in Manhattan for almost a decade.  For more info about Malik So Chic and So Chic RSVP, please visit 

About Liam McMullan
LIAM MCMULLAN is in constant motion and has grown as an artist. He’s a fashion designer, writer, actor, filmmaker and a musician in two bands: Purple Foam, a more electronic pop band and another band with fiancée Aesha Waks, which is more folky. Every movie McMullan writes or is starting in is completely different, including the clothes he makes are all unique. He wants to inspire the people of the world to do something, to always aspire to change the world for the better instead of accepting it for what it is. For more info about Liam, visit

 About LightSpace Studios
LIGHTSPACE STUDIOS is a new fully functional photo and film production facility with massive cyclorama stages and 28′ ceiling clearances. In the three daylight studios, sunlight washes in through skylights and wrap around windows. An unobstructed expanse creates the most versatile environment for your creative workflow. Create flexible lighting setups with extensive equipment rentals, ceiling lighting grids, blackout capability and ample electricity. The studios have full drive-in access, hair and makeup suites, production offices, client lounges as well as a huge rooftop with panoramic views of manhattan. Let o9p;LightSpace studios simplify the means of making your creative vision a reality. For more info about LightSpace, visit

About charity:water
charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. 100% of your donation will fund clean water projects. Yellow Peril Gallery will donate 10% of all sales from WORK HARDER to charity:water. To make a donation online, visit the WORK HARDER charity:water campaign: