meet the artists

MARCH 15 – APRIL 15, 2012

Launch of Gallery Night Season:
Thursday, March 15, 2012, 5PM – 9PM

Gallery Hours:
Thursday + Friday, 3PM – 8PM
Saturday + Sunday, 12PM – 5PM
Other days by appointment


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Yellow Peril Gallery is delighted to introduce the Artists selected for ‘#OCCUPY’, a group exhibition featuring artwork inspired by the OCCUPY movement, to launch the 2012 Gallery Night season in Providence, RI, on Thursday, 15 March 2012. THE CHAIR PEOPLE COLLECTIVE draws upon a conviction that has come to uniquely characterize the OCCUPY movement: namely, that if no one person is its spokesperson, everyone can be its spokesperson. This synergy gave birth to the ‘99 Chairs Project’, an installation that combines found, recycled, repurposed materials into objects of support and resistance, designed specifically for the OCCUPY movement.
JOEY KILRAIN integrates traditional media such as acrylic, pen & ink, papier-mâché with mobile and web technologies in his art, which is inspired by “the trials my eyes have had to witness and my soul to confront.” Although his work experience with corporate clients in New York City and his involvement with OCCUPY Wall Street may seem like polar opposites, what Kilrain has captured in his artwork for ‘OCCUPY [Fill In The Blank]’ has more common ground than both parties care to admit.
MELISSA ST. LAURENT is a founding member of OCCUPY Providence. To date, she has taken over 4,000 photographs of participants, marches and rallies from the OCCUPY movements in Providence, Boston, Portland (Maine), and New Hampshire. Inspired by the photography of Margaret Bourke-White and Dorothea Lang, St. Laurent will present portraits of the many faces of the 99%. “Because the movement is about the people,” she says, “the images that matter the most are the portraits.”
OCCUPY THE LIGHT is a series of interventions at the nexus of politics, poetry, sculpture and performance at the site of OCCUPY Providence. The group seeks to enhance the camp’s media-infrastructure, primarily through the development of The Beacon, a large white tent with four interior projectors that cast text upon its walls. “Our purpose in constructing The Beacon is to give OCCUPY Providence the means to aesthetically and continually re-communicate its core values, both to itself and to the surrounding city, in a manner that is direct, discerning and evocative,” notes Occupy the Light.
PHIL LESTEIN became a 24/7 Occupier when he had to give up his studio in November 2011 due to lack of funds. In addition to capturing OCCUPY Providence on video since day one, LeStein’s graphic design experience came in handy during the nascent stages of the movement when posters and flyers were needed to promote the rallies. “There are Occupiers who are employed, students, parents, young, old, experienced and not,” he remarks. “It behooves us all to get involved, for the problems are that large.”
SANDY PARSONS is a Salt Lake City, Utah based artist with a green slant, whose passion for the environment fuels not only her “radical and controversial art” but also her political activism. “ONE”, a large scale 6’ x 8’ mixed-media collage that features President Barack Obama burning money and Gaia, the Earth Goddess, being stabbed by the cross, will be on display at ‘OCCUPY [Fill In The Blank]’.
TOM WEST is a war veteran turned political artist with a clothing line of his own that he sells both at local boutiques and art openings throughout Providence. He is on the board of Wooly Fair, volunteers at the Steel Yard and is a long-time supporter of the AS220. West and the teens at RiverzEdge Arts Project screen printed bandannas for the OCCUPY movement, and he has also hung an actual piece of art at Burnside Park.
#OCCUPY will run at Yellow Peril Gallery from Thursday, 15 March to Sunday, 15 April 2012. Opening night reception will be on Thursday, 15 March, from 5PM – 9PM during Gallery Night in Providence, RI.