Saturday, December 3, 6PM – 9PM

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“Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don’t matter at all, because once you are Real you can’t be ugly, except to people who don’t understand.” ― Margery Williams, The Velveteen Rabbit

Sara Dager
Ivy Haldeman
Mary Kudlak
Sandy MacDonald
Rebekah Major
Mara Trachtenberg
Kylie Why

At What Cost?
Ongoing empathy project facilitated by curator Brooke Erin Goldstein in response to the discourse produced by the 2016 US Presidential Election

featuring local designers and performers working with the idea of multiples
Tuesday, December 13, 5:30PM – 8:30PM

smartly-priced and versatile design items by local makers and local performers
Thursday, December 22, 5:30PM – 8:30PM

10% Off Sale
Saturday, January 7, 12PM – 3PM

Saturday, 12PM – 5PM
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PROVIDENCE, RI – Yellow Peril Gallery is pleased to announce Becoming Real or Loved Off?, a showcase of artists exploring human relationships to “things” curated by Brooke Erin Goldstein and presented by Kiosk PVD. The opening reception is Saturday, December 3, at Yellow Peril from 6PM – 9PM.
Objects, icons, embodiments – We as a culture seem to use these “things” to make us feel whole, complete, alive, happy. In the beloved children’s book The Velveteen Rabbit, it is the boy’s love that makes the stuffed rabbit become real. However, in actuality is it just the other way around? Is there something uniquely human about loving objects or idols? Is the sentimental love we feel for those objects a part of what make us real? Does the story we create around these “items and icons” help us navigate our own emotions?
“In Becoming Real or Loved Off?, the showcase is on artists exploring human relationships to these “things”, notably icons, toys, food, animals, characters and objects,” remarks curator Brooke Erin Goldstein. “Even as these “things” lose their luster and break – or our heroes fail to live up to our expectations and leave us – we still have the lasting impact of our love for them written on the slate of who we are.”
Artist and illustrator Rebekah Major explores the relationship we have with our icons in her 365 Days of Prince project. Drawing Prince everyday for a year in different costumes and situations is fun and uplifting but also acts as an indirect diary of her thoughts channeled through her affinity for Prince.
Sandy MacDonald’s paintings connect with our nostalgic childhood desires by bringing toys to life with expressive strokes, vibrant colors and humorous scenarios.
A personified sultry hot dog is the subject of painter Ivy Haldeman’s intimate imagery. She explores our desire for “junk food” along side our complex relationship with our own body, sexuality, and gender by mimicking the aesthetic of pulp advertising.
Multimedia and performance artist Kylie Why confidently pushes the viewer/audience out of their comfort zone to investigate a full range of emotional connections through a variety of methods that are often character based that encourages the befriending of patrons.
Artist and Designer Evoker invites us into his animated world of stylized friendly monsters with his use of bold color and expressive line work.
Mary Kudlak reimagines the mundane then challenges our attachment to consumer culture with her painterly cardboard sculpted objects.
Photographer Mara Trachtenberg examines birth and death in her lifecycle inspired imagery with infant toys and expired animals.
Poet and multi media artist Sara Dager explores our obsession with pop culture, decadence and celebrity with her overly embellished glittered multiplicities of collections.
“A rich fantasy is created, centering around these affinities that seems to help us cope with the difficulties of everyday life,” Goldstein suggests. “There is a comfort in our connection to these “things” in such that the relationships we have with them while being one sided feel real and seem to make us happy or somehow help us feel important and relevant.”
During the run of Becoming Real or Loved Off?, Kiosk PVD will host two unique programing events combining art, design and entertainment while activating different conceptual aspects of the show’s theme.
On Tuesday, December 13, from 5:30PM – 8:30PM, Kiosk PVD will present Collect Them All, a focus on local designers and performers working with the idea of multiples.
On Thursday, December 22, from 5:30PM – 8:30PM, join us for Don’t Panic!, an opportunity to discover smartly-priced and versatile design items by local makers as well as entertainment by local performers, our antidote to all last-minute holiday shoppers.
Becoming Real or Loved Off? will also include the debut of At What Cost?, an ongoing empathy project facilitated by Goldstein in response to the discourse produced by the 2016 US Presidential Election. This project aims to reach out to diverse members of our community and invite them to fill out oversized price tags with ideals, values, hopes, and dreams on one side, and on the other side people write about what they would be willing to sacrifice to achieve that goal.
“The thought behind At What Cost? is to try and understand what the people in our communities, our neighbors, value and how far they would go to get it,” says Goldstein. “The hope is if we find out what motivates each other we can gain greater empathy for one another even if we don’t see eye to eye on most things.” The tags will be hanging from the ceiling of Yellow Peril for the duration of Becoming Real or Loved Off?, where visitors are invited to fill out their own tag to add to the ongoing installation – literally growing our empathy for our fellow human beings.
The opening reception for Becoming Real or Loved Off? is Saturday, December 3, from 6PM – 9PM. The show will conclude its run with a Champagne Brunch and 10% off sale on Saturday, January 7th from 12PM – 3PM.
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