Affirmation // Afirmación

Affirmation // Afirmación
CURATED BY Bettina Pérez Martinez

APRIL – MAY 2017

Rosenda Álvares Faro
Estefanía Rivera Cortés
Melanie Rivera Flores
Nicole Soto Rodríguez

Saturday, April 15, 7PM – 10PM

Calle Cerra 627 | San Juan | 00907 | PUERTO RICO
+1 787 402 9271 / +1 401 861 1535

By Appointment Only

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“El problema no era mío, era de todos, de los que sabían y no hacían nada, de los que se tapaban los oídos y desvíaban la mirada, de los que justificaban al hijo, de los que celebraban la paliza.” – Jhoana Patiño López, No era yo el problema


SAN JUAN, PR – Peligro Amarillo / Santurce is pleased to present Affirmation // Afirmación, featuring local artists from Puerto Rico examining both internal and external forms of diverse political resistance through their work from April – May 2017. Curated by Bettina Pérez Martinez, Affirmation // Afirmación seeks to question the relationship of gender and the tension of the current political climate that affects both Puerto Rico and the rest of America. The opening reception, which coincides with Peligro Amarillo’s first anniversary, is Saturday, April 15, at Calle Cerra 627 in Santurce, the arts district of San Juan, Puerto Rico, from 7PM – 10PM.
“The act of creating is revolutionary,” underscores curator Bettina Pérez Martinez. “It composes a level of self management, introspection and questioning. An affirmation, the act to assert strongly and publicly, is the most effective way to create the insurgent act of producing political art. Affirming the use of art as a tool question, point and educate. To affirm our presence, our resistance, our essence. Affirming the use of art as a medium to challenge power and signal towards radical change.”
Featured artists selected for Affirmation // Afirmación include:
Rosenda Álvarez Faro, who breathes new life to the vivid history of traditional Puerto Rican printmaking in the 1960s and 1970s. Through experimental printmaking and bookbinding, she reflects on contemporary social and political Caribbean issues in small and large-scale work. Her subtle references to historical, social and political themes add many fascinating layers and narratives to her work.
Breaking away from traditional school of drawing, Estefanía Rivera Cortés seeks to emulate and capture the abstract sense of stimulus, feeling and its relation to the human body through the use of abstraction. Rivera Cortés explores the dimensions of human perception, from a subjective standpoint as well as a scientific and neurological study.
Nicole Soto Rodríguez is a contemporary dancer, choreographer and video artist that immerses herself in the theme of abandonment through the exploration of abandoned structures in politically tense climates. Soto Rodríguez’s unique corporeality captures and delivers to the viewer the essence of the space she inhabits. She examines the space’s past and current function, and masterfully projects it through her movements and their relation to the space.
Melanie Rivera Flores establishes a parallel between both methods of fabrication and end product through her use of raw materials such as concrete, stone, and metal and their end result in ornate, seemingly delicate sculptures. She craftily integrates design principles onto her sculptural work and uses them to signal towards underlying social issues and reflections on Caribbean and gender themes.
The opening reception for Affirmation // Afirmación is Saturday, April 15, from 7PM – 10PM at Peligro Amarillo / Santurce. The exhibition will conclude at the end of May 2017. This is the first group exhibition at Peligro Amarillo / Santurce, which will also mark the outpost’s one year anniversary in San Juan, Puerto Rico.