Yellow Peril to inaugurate Peligro Amarillo / Santurce in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with solo exhibition by Paul Myoda



PAUL MYODA | Peligro Amarillo / Santurce

PAUL MYODA, Square Nimbus (2015) acrylic, reflective acrylic, aluminum, LEDs, infrared sensor, microprocessor, 17.5” x 16.75” x 10.5”


PROVIDENCE, RI + SAN JUAN, PR – Yellow Peril Gallery is pleased to announce the inauguration of its new outpost, Peligro Amarillo / Santurce, in the arts district of San Juan, Puerto Rico, with a solo exhibition of work by Paul Myoda, a Japanese-American artist based in Rhode Island, with a new series of interactive sculptures on display from April – May 2016.

“San Juan is red hot right now, especially Santurce, which has a very active and engaging artist community, a sophisticated group of young collectors, cutting-edge contemporary art galleries and artist-run spaces, and top-notch museums,” notes Cultural Liaison Quintín Rivera Toro, who will oversee Peligro Amarillo / Santurce under the advisory of Yellow Peril Director Vanphouthon Souvannasane. “Puerto Rico’s geographical location, conflicting identity, and vibrant political history make it an organic choice to ignite conversations about universal topics that affect society at large.”

The inaugural show at Peligro Amarillo, located at 627 Calle Cerra, will feature Paul Myoda’s historic representations of nimbuses in religious art — Greek, Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, Christian, and others — which he uses as a springboard for dynamic wall compositions that investigate the transformative quality of light. Geometric nimbuses occur throughout these histories, but vary significantly due to their perspectival representations. As Myoda states, “Each perspectival system places subjects and their nimbuses in different spatial relationships, and therefore provides a different attitude of spectatorship, from the immersive and corporeal to the detached and otherworldly.”

Myoda’s sculptures are developed in various two and three-dimensional design applications and then fabricated using computer-based technologies such as laser and water jet cutters, 3D printers and traditional hand tools. Myoda combines materials such as reflective acrylic, aluminum, LEDs, microprocessors and infrared sensors to create these constructions. In direct response to the viewer’s movements, the sculptures exhibit an array of behaviors in varying intensities, rhythms and light effects.

The show will be exhibited from April – May 2016.   Additional information, including gallery hours and opening reception date, will be available in a forthcoming press release.

Following Myoda, the next show, from June – July, presented by Curator René Morales from Pérez Art Museum Miami, is an exhibition of recent paintings exploring the feminine gaze and landscapes by Ruth Dealy, a Providence-based artist for nearly five decades. Dealy is one of a group of Rhode Island artists – including Harry Callahan, Malcolm Grear, Aaron Siskind, and Dale Chihuly – who became known as The Rhode Island School based on their emergence in the 1970s as artists from Rhode Island School of Design.

“Peligro Amarillo’s mission is to extend the reach of Yellow Peril’s roster of artists by introducing them to the contemporary Latin American market and to exhibit local artists from Puerto Rico at the flagship gallery in Providence and international art fairs, such as Zona MACO, Pinta, ArteBA and ARCOmadrid,” says Souvannasane. “We have very supportive network of collectors and curators from Miami and the Caribbean. Being located in Puerto Rico will bring us closer to them and connect us with new audiences in the region.”

About Paul Myoda
PAUL MYODA (b. 1967, United States) is a Japanese-American sculptor based in Rhode Island. Myoda is inspired by the underlying logic and mathematical principles of the natural world and applies them to his work with new media, technology and industrial materials. The result is compositions of light, motion, and form that find a balance and a beauty between the organic and built. Regularly exhibited both nationally and internationally, his sculptures and installations are known for their elegance and their expression of organic forces through artificial materials and systems. Myoda holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA from Yale University. Based in NYC from 1990-2006, Myoda was represented by the Friedrich Petzel Gallery, and was co-founder of Big Room, an art production and design collective in New York City. He was also a contributor to Art in America, Flash Art and Frieze. He is a recipient of grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, Warhol Foundation and Howard Foundation, among others. In 2001 he participated in the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s World Views Program and had a studio on the 91st floor of WTC I. In March of 2002 he co-created the Tribute in Light in memory of the tragic events of September 11th, 2001, which has since become an annual installation. Over the past decade, Myoda has been developing an extended series of interactive illuminating sculptures that respond to the presence of viewers. Their design is informed by a wide range of forms, such as bioluminescent fauna, crystal morphology and religious nimbuses. An example of hybrid arts practice and cybernetic sculpture, the series bridges the disconnections and eases the anxieties of the post-industrial world through affect, presence and responsive gesture. His works are part of the collections of the Queens Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Miami and the Library of Congress. He has had solo exhibitions of this series of works at the Dorsch Gallery, Miami, FL; the Project 4 Gallery, Washington DC; the Yellow Peril Gallery, Providence, RI; and the Maine Museum at the University of Maine, in addition to numerous group exhibitions. He is represented by the Yellow Peril Gallery and Piero Atchugarry. He is an Associate Professor in Brown University’s Visual Art Department, where he has been teaching since 2006. For more information about Paul Myoda, visit

About Ruth Dealy
RUTH DEALY is an artist who has lived and worked in Providence, Rhode Island for 48 years. A recipient of several grants and awards, including the coveted Pell Award for Excellence in the Arts, Dealy is interested in the tension between what is seen and what is felt. Her paintings, both self-portraits and landscapes, are “meditations on ways of seeing and reproducing that seeing, not exactly, but honestly.” For more information about Ruth Dealy, visit

About Yellow Peril Gallery
Founded in 2011, YELLOW PERIL GALLERY is a contemporary art gallery located at The Plant, a historic mill complex in the Olneyville neighborhood of Providence, Rhode Island. The Gallery fosters art critiques from emerging, mid-career and established artists who have been featured in biennials and museum exhibitions, participated in top tier art fairs and acquired by private collectors worldwide. In 2016, Gallery opened Peligro Amarillo | Santurce, its first outpost in the arts district of San Juan, Puerto Rico. For more info about future exhibitions at both spaces, visit

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