STEREO BALANCE: Visual and Aural Art Concept


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE > January 16, 2012

TODD JONES | Stereo Balance

PROVIDENCE, RI – Yellow Peril Gallery is pleased to present STEREO BALANCE, a visual and aural art concept created by Todd Jones, from Friday, 3 February to Saturday, 3 March 2012. The exhibit coincides with the launch of COLLECT ART, an Emerging Artist Series introducing solo exhibitions from fresh new talent to the global art market.

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“‘Stereo Balance’ is a term used by sound engineers to describe the mixing of disparate elements into an equally balanced sonic field that will be expressed through Left and Right monitors,” explains Jones, who concentrated in Religion and Music at Vassar College. “A properly balanced recording will create the illusion of depth and movement as well as enhance the harmonic and rhythmic relationships amongst the instruments.”

As a visual and aural art concept, STEREO BALANCE invites viewers to experience a self-contained world, populated with symbols and images – and activated through sound.

“The structure of the sound emulates four dimensions,” Jones notes. “The content of the lyrics and the images provide an environment within those bounds.”

STEREO BALANCE includes individual pieces linked to original music that can be heard from a media hub fabricated by Jones out of organic and digital materials to enhance the experience.

For Jones, whose grandfather Dr. Harold Alexander Leslie was the Founder of the Springfield Symphony Orchestra in Massachusetts, pairing art with music is a natural endeavor. “Visuals come alive with sound,” he underscores. “If you listen closely, the music will reveal itself to you – wherever you are.”

STEREO BALANCE will run at Yellow Peril Gallery from Friday, 3 February to Saturday, 3 March 2012. Opening night reception will be on Friday, 3 February, from 5PM – 9PM.

About Todd Jones
TODD JONES is a self-described “Living Creator.” Electronic music, of varying genres, operates as both his fundamental and quintessential medium. Alternative and supporting media include digital and visual art, video and animation, poetry and fiction. A Vassar College graduate with a concentration in Religion and Music, Jones’ work is strongly experimental, often using deliberately limited techniques to catalyze the integration of radical concepts throughout the sub-and-superstructure of his work. Recent exhibitions: Tiger Boxing (Gleason’s Boxing Gym, Dumbo Arts Festival 2011); The Song of Metacom (Perry Clan Reservation 2009); Strange Flora ‘Technical Drawings’ (The Ruined Map Gagarin Records Germany 2010); An Opening Door, (African American Identity Exhibit, URI, Providence, RI Gallery for Heritage and Culture 2012); Symphony for My Grandfather: First Movement (DDFS Fashion Show Amsterdam-Scotland 2010).

COLLECT ART is an Emerging Artists Series launched by Yellow Peril Gallery in 2012 to feature solo exhibitions from fresh new talent in all mediums who have never had a one-person show. Artists selected for this unique and dynamic opportunity are guided through the exhibition process, provided promotional materials and are required to give an artist’s talk during their exhibition to further increase their visibility. COLLECT ART aims to introduce fresh new talent to the global art market.

About Yellow Peril Gallery
YELLOW PERIL GALLERY is located at The Plant, a historic mill complex in the Olneyville neighborhood of Providence, Rhode Island. The Gallery strives to foster modern art critiques on popular culture and society from established and emerging artists in the United States and abroad. We aspire to exhibit provocative and visually arresting artwork created specifically to ignite conversations long after viewers have left the building. Artists that we represent share our commitment to social responsibility, and a percentage from the sale of all artwork is donated to a charitable organization of the Artists’ choice. For more info about future exhibitions, visit

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