Governors Island Art Fair 2013: “im propia” by Raquel Paiewonsky, Presented by Yellow Peril Gallery


im propia at Governors Island Art Fair 2013
Presented by Yellow Peril Gallery

RAQUEL PAIEWONSKY, <em><p class=Container of Ideas (2010) photographic print on acrylic, 32” x 48”” width=”600″ class=”size-large wp-image-1702″ /> RAQUEL PAIEWONSKY, ‘Container of Ideas’ (2010) photographic print on acrylic, 32” x 48”

Governors Island Art Fair, NYC
Every Full Week-End in September 2013
11AM – 6PM

Curated by Robert P. Stack
Presented by Yellow Peril Gallery

Yellow Peril Gallery is pleased to present “im propia”, an exhibition of photography and installation work by Dominican Republic based artist Raquel Paiewonsky at the Governors Island Art Fair every full week-end during the month of September 2013.

Curated by Robert P. Stack, “im propia” speaks of humanity and freedom, through a corporeal symbolism that embodies our experience in the social context but always with an important reference to our natural and instinctive self. Paiewonsky uses the body as a platform that allows her from an intimate place to approach broader topics ranging from social, philosophical or political. In this exhibition she explores personal relationships, childhood, love, stereotypes, nature, diversity.

“I have always been interested in the body as a vessel capable of containing our life experiences within itself, sometimes in mysterious and subtle ways, other times more forcefully.” explains Paiewonsky. “In recent years, my work explores the relationship between our essence and our surroundings, the impact of stereotypes and cultural constructions, always taking as a reference our instinctual selves and the ways in which the primal component of our nature is affected by the new and ever changing contexts of contemporary life.”

Although seldom conveying violence explicitly, Paiewonsky’s work is very much concerned with the veiled but insidious violence that permeates the personal, social and political systems in which we live.

“im propia” will be on display every full week-end during the month of September 2013. The 6th Annual Governors Island Art Fair is Yellow Peril Gallery’s art fair debut. Other artists affiliated with Yellow Peril exhibiting solo presentations at GIAF include Rodrigo Nava and Kathryn Parker Almanas. The Providence-based contemporary art gallery will present as one of 15 Breeder Program galleries at SCOPE Miami Beach in December 2013.

About Raquel Paiewonsky
RAQUEL PAIEWONSKY moved to New York in 1991 to continue her art studies in Parsons School of Design and stayed there for 10 years. In 2001 she returned to Santo Domingo where she currently lives and works. Her work has traveled across the globe. It explores human body, urban life, social constructs and social issues. For more information, visit

About Governors Island Art Fair
GOVERNORS ISLAND ART FAIR is organized by 4heads, a New York-based arts organization that specializes in developing unique environments for the purposes of exhibition, education and artistic creation. 4heads’ programs are tailored to serve the under-resourced, attracting hidden culture and fostering community through collaborative expression. For more information, visit

About Yellow Peril Gallery
YELLOW PERIL GALLERY is a contemporary art gallery located at The Plant, a historic mill complex in the Olneyville neighborhood of Providence, Rhode Island. The Gallery strives to foster modern art critiques on popular culture and society from emerging, mid-career and established artists in the United States and abroad. We aspire to exhibit provocative and visually arresting artwork created specifically to ignite conversations long after viewers have left the building. Artists that we represent share our commitment to social responsibility, and a percentage from the sale of all artwork is donated to a charitable organization of the Artists’ choice. For more info about future exhibitions, visit

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