All lyrics and music from STEREO BALANCE written and copyrighted by Todd Jones (Orion XIV)


Refrains are shown in brackets.  Limited Edition CDs of STEREO BALANCE will be available for order on ‘Collect Art’ soon.


Medium: Digital Collage, March 2011
Audio:  Micro-loop/ Bass/ Synthesizer

VULTURES IN THE MORNING BREEZE by Todd Jones[Vultures in the morning breeze
Only human?  Why human only?
You owe the God apologies
Pissing on the masterpiece]

Cyclical circuitry
Rivers and humidity
Road-kill in the city’s streets
Vultures in the morning’s breeze

[Do yourself a favor]

Seek another Savior
Seek another Messenger
Seek a Second Nature

[Second Nature]

Beyond events
The Underworld the sacred Twins
Orpheus and his instrument
Witness and his testament

[Vultures in the morning breeze
Only human?  Why human only?
You owe the God apologies
Pissing on the masterpiece]

This endless breeze of altered beasts
altered forms altered speech
Breaking dawns before the morning alarm
You’ll see its coat of arms
Like the coat of the Jaguar

[Do yourself a favor]

Seek a Second Nature
Vultures in the morning breeze
Cyclical circuitry
Only human?  Why human only?

As the Crow Flies

[This Crow’s gonna fly, tonight]


Digital Collage, March 2011
Audio: Hand Drum / Percussion / Bass / Micro-Loop

Hymn to the Morning Sun by Todd Jones[Cosmic Water- Feathered Scaled
Scaled Feathered- Water Cosmic]

Tonight, I am my own vanguard
The environment is a treacherous architect
Volunteered I did
To see a more honest nature
The dusk has played it’s climactic tune
Clouds still ecstatic with the telling of the hero’s legend
As the stars begin the next instruction
Swiftly straggling creatures prepare for night
Last bursts of song before a cautious silence

Owls of deadly silence
Platforms of sacrament and violence
Here where the gods walk
And proximity is cast aside
Into the World and its Underworld
to retrieve the Sun

[Cosmic Water- Feathered Scaled
Scaled Feathered- Water Cosmic]

Awake this morning I rise for the sun
Hymnal orbital metabolic
Like the reptiles in the morning sun
Hymnal radial harmonic


Digital Painting, October 2011
Audio: Micro-Loop / Percussion / Bass / Synths

Heron (Eon) by Todd JonesTheir realm is an artifice — a circus
Consider the land’s surface, bound by the water’s surface
Against the sky’s surface

Here stands
Here dives
Here flies the Heron
Great Blue Magistrate
For whom the surfaces break

Legends in the weathering of the beast of Giza
Speak more than the seizures set upon petty kings and Caesars
The river bends to the will of neither
You don’t even own your own bone and flesh let alone hold dominion over
The Creature

What I see is circuitry
Through a shapeless volume entities multiplied upon entities
Light upon light

Eons spring and flood from its expanded wing
The quiet watch above all planes that defies all kings

See some make tools from weapons, some weaponize tools
Some fools pray, some prey on fools
And that’s the balance, the uniform rule
The code of behavior that amplifies their truths


Painting / Found Material Collage, April 2011
Audio: Micro-Loop / Bass / Synth / Field Recording Crows

STEREO BALANCE by Todd JonesA million fathers, a million mothers
Their sacrifices, struggles, their blood
Their pain and their greed their desires
Their triumphs…

I’m not talking 1492, I’m talking
10,000- 20,000- 40,000- 4 million years
Culminate where?  Finish where?  Continue Where?

When I press record and you press play.
Just walk with me love.  Just walk love.

What’s missing people, what’s missing?

You waiting for someone to dive in first, test the waters

Live it and get crucified for it?  Wait- that happened didn’t it?

The old ones say walk in balance.

The feather of Ma’At on the scales of Balance

Sun Jupiter Mars Saturn
Blast out my stereo what’s locked in my stereo balance


Digital Collage, February 2011
Audio: Bass / Synths – Instrumental


> THE CAVE (Alligator Emerging)
Wood and Metal, December 2011
Audio: Micro-Loop / Bass – Instrumental