Yellow Peril Gallery at The Plant is issuing a REQUEST FOR SUBMISSIONS for artwork inspired by ‘Occupy Providence’ to launch the Gallery Night 2012 season in Providence, Rhode Island, on March 15, 2012. The DEADLINE TO APPLY is DECEMBER 31, 2011.

> Project Context/Background

Since October 15, 2011, Burnside Park has been continuously occupied by a steady number of the 99% — a diverse group of people disenfranchised by what they deem as crimes committed or fueled by the 1%: corporations, financial institutions, and government agencies. Is this what ‘Democracy’ looks like? Or will Madison Avenue steal ideas from the swathe of protest signs and unforgettable personalities that have materialized since the OCCUPY [Fill In The Blank] movement went global – without any significant gains…yet.

> Project Description

OCCUPY [Fill In The Blank] will feature artwork inspired by the movement known as ‘Occupy Providence’. Submitting artists are not required to pledge allegiance to the 99% but must have firsthand experience (in any capacity) with the OCCUPY movement.

From submissions, Yellow Peril Gallery will select up to 5 artists to exhibit at OCCUPY [Fill In The Blank]. Submissions not selected for this exhibition may be considered for future group and/or solo shows.

> Criteria

Submissions will be judged as follows:

Aesthetic Considerations
– Exhibits strong artistic concept and design
– Provides interest and displays passionate rendering of chosen imagery

Thematic Considerations
– Contributes to sense of specificity (why this piece is applicable only to the OCCUPY movement)
– Creatively explores the impact of the OCCUPY movement

– Concept is clear, well-rendered and visually presented

Execution and Maintenance
– Demonstrated ability to complete project on time and within specific dimensions / file size

Materials to Be Submitted

IMPORTANT: If you are submitting more than one image for consideration, please submit a separate digital file and application form for each.

1. One (1) digital file of artwork [See ‘Specs for File’ below] 2. A completed OCCUPY [Fill In The Blank] application form [Download] 3. Artist Statement

> Specs for File

All submissions must be created in either a scalable vector application such as Adobe Illustrator (.AI, .PDF, .EPS – with high resolution embedded links), or in a raster based program such as Adobe Photoshop (.JPG, .TIFF, .PSD) at a resolution of at least 72dpi and no larger than 2MB in size. Final chosen artwork may be shown online, as well as printed digitally for promotional purposes.

> Selection

Artists chosen for OCCUPY [Fill In The Blank] will be notified via phone by Thursday, January 5, 2012.

> Project Timeline

Opening Reception: Gallery Night 2012 – Thursday, March 15, 2012

Deadline for submissions: Sunday, December 31, 2011 – 5 PM Eastern Time

Send submissions:

By E/M:

By mail or in person:

Yellow Peril Gallery
OCCUPY [Fill In The Blank]
60 Valley Street #5
Providence, RI 02909

> Download OCCUPY [Fill In The Blank] RFS and Application Form (PDF)