Crossing Over, and Over

© Rebecca A. Kandel

Tijuana, Mexico -- The border fence at the beach defines the Mexico/California line. Tijuana was the main crossing point for illegal immigration until they fortified the fences in the mid 1990s. It­'s been the main deportee drop-off for several years now. At its peak over the past several years, as many as 800 people a day were dropped off in Tijuana by American authorities.

Our inaugural exhibition — BORDERLINE, featuring the evocative photography of Rebecca A. Kandel— highlights the plight of Mexicans from Tijuana who repeatedly brave risks to live in the United States, and it introduces viewers to a myriad of characters whose lives are also affected by the border between Mexico and the United States.

By providing limited editorial commentary and allowing the subjects to speak for themselves in her photos, Rebecca hopes to open a conversation and show just how similar we all are in the hot button immigration debate.

“Each person wants a better life for himself and his family,” she notes, adding, “we just differ in how to achieve it.”

BORDERLINE strives to leave one walking away feeling just slightly more open to another’s perspective.

We hope you cross over to see for yourself on Gallery Night in Providence on November 17, 2011.

Read a recent New York Times article on how Mexicans along the Tijuana border are braving ever-greater risks to get back to their families in the United States — the country they consider home.