#OCCUPY: The Beacon @ The Plant

Occupy the Light is pleased to present a video the first installation of “The Beacon” at The Plant during #OCCUPY at Yellow Peril Gallery on the evening of March 29, 2012.

From Occupy the Light:

Once set up in The Plant’s courtyard & winds died down, Ari settled to meet w/ random folks & commenced the latest iteration of his situational poem.

Motivated by black & white still images taken in concurrence w/ the event, I’ve decided to take a similar approach to the video footage & I must say, really like the results.

The Beacon’s nature & this particular environs add to the aesthetic qualities.

“The Beacon” will be installed this Saturday, May 5, 2012, during the Evan Spirito Memorial Foundation Fundraiser at Yellow Peril Gallery from 8PM to 10PM.  For more information about “The Beacon,” visit Occupy the Light.