#OCCUPY: Meet Sandy Parsons


SANDY PARSONS is a Salt Lake City, Utah based artist with a green slant, whose passion for the environment fuels not only her “radical and controversial art” but also her political activism.

“ONE”, a large scale 6’ x 8’ mixed-media collage that features President Barack Obama burning money and Gaia, the Earth Goddess, being stabbed by the cross, will be on display at #OCCUPY.

Parsons describes “ONE” as “…a large, epic journey of an art piece that was inspired by ten years of obsession with world environmental degradation and how Civilization, inherently ruled by violence and greed, is the unsustainable, parasitic culprit, which will in turn, collapse itself, if it continues to destroy the host of all life, which is Mother Earth.

“ONE” is a commentary on the insanity of it all.”

This video is a further description of the whole project and how it fits into the occupy movement. Please see more about it at http://www.Facebook.com/MovementOfONE. Filmed by Sandy Parsons, http://www.SandyParsonsGallery.com

ONE by Sandy Parsons

> What is your involvement with the OCCUPY movement?

My involvement with the OCCUPY movement has been with making videos and artwork to support their message, especially environmental messages.

> Describe how the OCCUPY movement has influenced your creative process.

It hasn’t influenced my creative process at all but it has shown me a new way to share my artwork, and it shown me that all artwork has an audience waiting to happen.

> What message do you hope to convey to the 99% with your artwork?

I hope to share an environmentalist message, although my piece “ONE” is a very large and complicated message that each person will interpret differently.

SANDY PARSONS is part of the #OCCUPY group exhibit at Yellow Peril Gallery, featuring artwork inspired by the OCCUPY movement. The exhibit will run from Thursday, 15 March to Sunday, 15 April 2012. Opening night reception will be on Thursday, 15 March, from 5PM – 9PM during Gallery Night in Providence, RI.

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