#OCCUPY: Meet Joey Kilrain


JOEY KILRAIN integrates traditional media such as acrylic, pen & ink, papier-mâché with mobile and web technologies in his art, which is inspired by “the trials my eyes have had to witness and my soul to confront.”

Joey Kilrain

Born and raised in South Philly, Kilrain’s artistic style evolves as a product of his ongoing life lessons. He cut his teeth at Art Institute of Philadelphia and SVA. His work has been exhibited in New York City at Ward Nasse, Church of St. Paul the Apostle, ArtBreak Gallery, Governors Island, Art Gotham, Haven Arts. His work has been published in Adobe’s Web Design Journal, Village Voice, and New York Magazine.

Although his work experience with corporate clients in New York City and his involvement with OCCUPY Wall Street may seem like polar opposites, what Kilrain has captured in his artwork for #OCCUPY has more common ground than both parties are afraid to admit.

> What is your involvement with the OCCUPY movement?

Mostly I’ve been a cheerleader. From the early protests on Wall St. I’ve been cheering on those that protest, posting updates to my network, and informing all that wonder what Occupy stands for and why we so desperately need it.

> Describe how the OCCUPY movement has influenced your creative process.

#Occupy has inspired me to be more involved in the politics that govern us. To dig deep for the truth of the candidates and, most importantly, to be impartial. #Occupy has lead me to believe I am married to my government. We are not always going to get along but let’s meet halfway.

> What message do you hope to convey to the 99% with your artwork?

I hope my ‘mess’ shows what we’ve lost. And hopefully gets people to wake up.

JOEY KILRAIN is part of the #OCCUPY group exhibit at Yellow Peril Gallery, featuring artwork inspired by the OCCUPY movement. The exhibit will run from Thursday, 15 March to Sunday, 15 April 2012. Opening night reception will be on Thursday, 15 March, from 5PM – 9PM during Gallery Night in Providence, RI.

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