Body Presence at Yellow Peril Gallery (Art Rogue Island, 04/21/12)

Yesterday after I left my day job, I had my sights set on visiting the new exhibit at Yellow Peril over in Olneyville. I avoided another opening, lately they just seem to be more stressful and do you get to really see the work anyway in a crowded room? I pulled in and trotted up to the door on the left to find it was locked. When I peeked into the window, I immediately smiled. The show is curated to perfection, full but not crowded. I could look down and see an exhibition list and wall labels were near each body of work that I could see, brownie points already. Slightly discouraged, I headed back to my car and turned back to the locked doors with sentiment and only now to see that the door on the right side of the space was ajar. I did an abrupt about face and headed back. When I walked in, to my pleasant surprise, all the right people were there, the most important being Flynn Grinnan, the artist himself. Read the full article at Art Rogue Island »