Things They Left Behind: Wells’s Photos Of Foreclosed Homes (The ARTery, 05/03/13)

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A pacifier discarded on the floor. Boxes of Christmas decorations. An American flag wadded up and wedged between a towel rack and a bathroom wall.

Since 2009, David H. Wells has been recording the human cost of our Great Recession that began the year before by photographing the things people left behind when they abandoned foreclosed homes.

18 April: David H. Wells → FORECLOSED DREAMS

In the Providence photographer’s heartbreaking exhibit “Foreclosed Dreams,” organized by guest curator Viera Levitt at Yellow Peril Gallery (60 Valley St., #5, Providence, through May 12), he documents toys, credit reports, martial arts trophies and family heirlooms abandoned in homes in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, California, Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.

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