‘The Conditions Were Just Right’ at World’s Fair (The Providence Phoenix, 03/13/13)

NAVIGATION PAINTINGS by Michael Childress | Opening Reception
“Navigation Paintings,” curated by Marcel McVay at Yellow Peril Gallery (60 Valley St, Providence, through March 17), features the work of Michael Childress of Amherst, Massachusetts. These canvases are part-abstraction, part-stylized realism, part-vectors and diagrams, part-David Hockney, and part-metaphysical third-eye visions.

Some just feel hokey — like Dark Phenomena, which looks like a Monet water lily painting that was spun in a blender. But things snap into place in Plane Ascension, a DayGlo camouflage pattern of orange, green, and yellow. Atop floats a geometric design of white lines seeming to diagram an office building or modernist stairwell, but the design keeps turning inside out like an optical illusion and dispersing into just lines.

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