November 15, 2012 Gallery Night (Art Rogue Island, 11/18/12)

LARVAE by Jamey Morrill at Yellow Peril

Last Thursday night was the final Gallery Night of the season here in Providence, which typically runs from March to until now. … My final stop was Jamey Morrill’s opening at Yellow Peril Gallery.

When I wrote my review for the show that appears in the latest Art New England (on page 65) it was July and Jamey hadn’t even finished the sculptures. He did explain that assembling these works are not as easy at it looks. It is a long process of making pieces fit together in the right way to make a whole. It wasn’t installed exactly how I had envisioned, but it still worked. I also thought the pricing of the work was quite interesting. Nothing is less than $590, which is based on recyclable costs. Van, the gallery director, carried around a little gizmo to calculate weight the whole night.

Jamey’s work is organic and light, but his materials are fooling since they completely manmade and will never dissolve. It is definitely the type of show that has the potential to stick with you long after you are no longer in front of it, especially since your hand is not being held through the concept of this show. At first they look like they are simply what they are, but the longer you look, the more they seem to alter.

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