LEAH POLLER #BED at Yellow Peril Gallery (polycrit, 09/26/13)

LEAH POLLER, Murphy Bed: Homage to Dan Quayle, bronze, 8.5” x 9” x 13”

#Bed the show consists of two distinct sections divided into the gallery’s two rooms. The first room that you enter in on is filled with a series of small multi media sculptures of beds. These pieces are all roughly the same size and are constructed out of a wide variety of materials. They are arranged around the room in clusters on top of white pedestals ranging from a little above waist height to a little bellow eye level. This setup invites you to compare individual pieces in groups and in totality without forcing the issue.

The second room contains a few installations dealing again with beds but also social media. Among these are a slideshow of people’s beds, a projected twitter feed sharing updates for the hastag bed, an actual bed decorated with the twitter logo, and a wall inviting viewers to write a few words about their own ideas about beds. A number of entries had been written at the time I saw the show.

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