Jamey Morrill At Yellow Peril — “Larvae” (Providence Daily Dose, 11/19/12)

LARVAE by Jamey Morrill

Yellow Peril Gallery is pleased to present “Larvae” a sculpture installation by Jamey Morrill, consisting of mundane, seemingly benign materials that collectively become imposing and uncanny.

“In our culture, mass production of products appears similar to the reproductive strategy of insects – where risk and cost are spread thin as gossamer over many to assure the advancement of a few,” notes Morrill.

“Larvae” is comprised of sculptural forms made from plastic bottles, monofilament, and drywall screws. These odd, yet beautifully translucent and luminous forms resemble tightly wound chrysalides seemingly in a dormant state. At Yellow Peril, the “Larvae” sculptures will inhabit the exhibition space in unexpected ways — with forms alternately touching the floor and walls or suspended tensely just inches from them.

Jamey Morrill is a Providence-based sculptor and adjunct professor of art at Rhode Island College. In recent years Morrill’s sculpture has become increasingly sprawling and site-specific, with emphasis on mass-produced materials and organic forms. Often using commonplace materials, such as plastic bottles, chicken wire, and duct tape, Morrill constructs sculptures that are outwardly cerebral and systematic but that are fundamentally random and irrational.

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