Flesh, Time and Virtual Sight. Three winter exhibitions (OnlineRI, 02/28/13)

ROSE WINDOW by Michael Childress

(Disclosure: Marcel McVay is Yellow Peril’s Gallery Manager.)

Although Vanish is no longer up for view, it is the first in a two part series at Yellow Peril titled “Throw the Looking Glass: Refracted Modes of Sight.” Currently on view, Michael Childress’ Navigation Paintings offer a more traditional art viewing experience, and asks us to engage with an mode of sight directed outward, rather than with the introspective lens of Vanish.

A series of seven primary nearly-square paintings are the focus and namesake of Navigation Paintings. Although each is a consistent dimension, and the use of vibrant, saturated color is continual, the paintings don’t talk to each other as much as they project outwards – almost as if each was a window to a different place. And place is certainly important here – Childress creates a contradictory location: one that oscillates between two and three-dimensional space…

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