Editor’s Pick: “Retinal Displacement,” new works by Naomi Campbell (The Providence Phoenix, 09/12/12)

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We’re all in the matrix these days, waiting for our Google goggles, getting absorbed in gaming’s wondrous worlds, and shaping our self-images one Facebook one post at a time.

“Retinal Displacement,” a new exhibit by Naomi Campbell, at Yellow Peril Gallery, 60 Valley St #5, Providence, explores our new reality.

Campbell says: “Suddenly, we are finding these realities assimilating onto one platform that is both real and imagined through the auspices of the computer. The fine line that delineates the two disappears, and we live in suspended animations of time with its own hierarchy of rules of the ‘game.’ ”

The artist’s work combines layered drawings, paintings, and computer-spawned inkjet on paper, wood, canvas, and Mylar.

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