Editors’ Pick: “Pre-Existing Condition,” photographs by Kathryn Parker Almanas (The Providence Phoenix, 07/24/13)

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KATHRYN PARKER ALMANAS  Sever (2009)  from series: Pre-Existing Condition

Kathryn Parker Almanas says, “As an artist, I am dedicated to the expression of the human condition: what it means to be alive existing within our skin, the sensations of embodiment, and the relationship between the ethereal and corporeal.”

In “Pre-Existing Condition,” her new exhibit of photographs and collage works at Yellow Peril Gallery, Almanas notes that “sweet objects [dough, jelly, fruit juices], that could potentially be consumed, act as surrogate body parts. The fleshy forms lie, hang, and nestle within these explicit scenes, both seducing and disgusting the viewer. The images provoke sensations of pain and pleasure, creating an intimate tension.”

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