Editor’s Pick: “im propia,” an exhibition of video, performance, photography, and installation work by Raquel Paiewonsky (The Providence Phoenix, 06/12/13)

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RAQUEL PAIEWONSKY, Muro, Hand embroidered breasts (2012)

RAQUEL PAIEWONSKY, Muro, Hand embroidered breasts (2012)

“I have always been interested in the body as a vessel capable of containing our life experiences within itself, sometimes in mysterious and subtle ways, other times more forceful,” says artist Raquel Paiewonksy.

In her new exhibit, “im propia,” she utilizes video, photography, performance, and installation to explore “the relationship between our essence and our surroundings, the impact of stereotypes and cultural constructions, always taking as a reference our instinctual selves and the ways in which the primal component of our nature is affected by the new and ever-changing contexts of contemporary life.”

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