EDITORS’ PICK: “#BED,” small scale mixed media sculptures and site-specific interactive installations by Leah Poller (The Providence Phoenix, 09/26/13)

LEAH POLLER, Four Poster Bed: Homage to Ai Wei Wei, bronze, 6.5″ x 10″ x 9″

Leah Poller’s “#BED” is an exhibit of small-scale mixed media sculptures. It was inspired while the artist was bedridden following a mishap that occurred while she was moving a large work in her studio.

“The bed is the most intimate stage on which our true selves appear — in birth, death, sex, loving, and dreaming,” the artist notes.

Curator Robert P. Stack says, “Poller focuses on the object or place, masterfully executed in a playful array of rich materials, textures, and colors. But what brings them alive is what’s absent but implied: people, actions, feelings, sickness, lust, rest intimacy — all the human forces of emotion that fuel meaning in life.”

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