Captivating concepts: Provocative new work at Grin and Yellow Peril (The Providence Phoenix, 08/21/13)

HAO NI | Proximity
Taiwanese artist Hao Ni, who is studying for his master’s degree at RISD, comes out of a similar materials- and performance-focused conceptual style as Rissewyck and Bajalia. The centerpiece of “Proximity,” his show at Yellow Peril Gallery (60 Valley St, Providence, through September 15), is a pair of black-and-white uniform dresses and a pair of joined school desks supporting a tangle of black plastic pipes that might be abstracted roots or blood vessels.

In his video The Instrument From Structure Study I, two young women wearing the dresses sit facing each other at the desk, screw white ends onto the pipes, and blow into them, producing ghostly hoots and train whistles. I don’t know what it means, but the women’s actions, their attire, and the curious sounds they produce all feel part of some purposeful, intriguing other world that I want to know more about.

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