BODY PRESENCE by Flynn Grinnan: Curatorial Statement


The presence of a body is often related to a chilling concept of vacancy in our culture – feeling a body when there is no physical ‘person’ around could be the result of a supernatural encounter. With BODY PRESENCE, we attempt to reach this near-supernatural feeling where, in the clay remnants of an encounter between artist and model, what remains is the presence of the body.

BODY PRESENCE by Flynn Grinnan

In the selection and presentation of Flynn Grinnan’s work, we invite you to embrace this presence, and create a relationship between your body, the body of the artist, and the body of the model – and in this intersection imagine the presence of a shared, universal body.

We also invite you to experience the process behind this work. As each piece is formed to a body, the materials used respond to the act of draping and molding to that body. Flynn engages each piece in a responsive finishing process, paying particular attention to how the material formed and reacted to the body.

Through a number of artifacts, video and material display, we attempt to give the viewer access to the artist’s methods and, in doing so, heighten the relationship between the viewer’s body and the vacant, yet present body in each piece.

– Marcel McVay, Art Director, COLLECT / Curator for BODY PRESENCE

BODY PRESENCE will run at Yellow Peril Gallery from Thursday, 19 April to Sunday, 13 May 2012, during regular gallery hours: Thursday and Friday, 3PM – 8PM, Saturday and Sunday, 12PM-5PM, and by appointment or chance.  A portion of the proceeds from sales will be donated to the Evan Spirito Memorial Foundation.

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