BODY PRESENCE by Flynn Grinnan: Curatorial Process


This video covers the collaborative curatorial process with artist Flynn Grinnan and curator Marcel McVay for BODY PRESENCE at Yellow Peril Gallery. Grinnan and McVay describe curating the show as it happened in three stages: Work Selection, Installation Design, and Experience Design.

Directed by McVay, this video is part three in a series of three videos featuring BODY PRESENCE. The first two cover Grinnan’s process behind making the work and his influences for the work.

BODY PRESENCE is currently on display at Yellow Peril Gallery until May 13, 2012. ‘BODY PRESENCE by Flynn Grinnan: Curatorial Process’ will debut on Friday, May 5, 2012, at the Evan Spirito Memorial Foundation Fundraiser at the Gallery from 8PM – 10PM. For more info about the Artist, visit Flynn Grinnan »