Michael Childress: Setting A Course (COLLECT, Winter 2013)

'Field Drawing (Site) 2' (2013) ink on paper, 12.75” x 13.75”

MICHAEL CHILDRESS, Field Drawing (Site) 2 (2013) ink on paper, 12.75” x 13.75”

Like the Second Officer aboard a seafaring vessel, Michael Childress provides for us his navigational prowess. Contemporary tools help to plot a route through a two-dimensional plane both seen and imagined.

This simultaneously real and virtual plane has been a stage on which visual artists have performed for centuries. With the advent of digital technologies and their screen-centric interfaces, this stage has never been more relevant to our understanding.

The Field Drawings, shown here, demonstrate complex planar movement through an expansive vocabulary of mark making, and as such, act as a springboard (both in viewing as well as production) for Michael Childress’ new body of work, Navigation Paintings. Rather than conducting an interview to introduce this show, we decided to use the drawings presented here to provide a sort of visual exposition — a brief class in orientation before setting a course.

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