Interview: VANISH by Maralie (COLLECT, Winter 2013)

MARALIE | Vanish
Providence-based artist Maralie works within the rich and ever-changing borders of human identity within a technologically saturated society.

Though this is by no means uncharted territory, Maralie brings with her a colorful background in performance that lends itself to a refreshing perspective on our simultaneous relationships to our bodies and our information-saturated, technological surroundings. Her work, whether photography, video or performance, asks us to examine our saturated and compressed techno-social relationships.

Marcel McVay: Vanish will be your second solo exhibition?

Maralie: Yes. Last year I had my first solo exhibition, A Seer’s Spectacle.

You have been involved for years in multi-media music and performance projects, such as Soophie Nun Squad and you still perform with your husband, Eli V Manuscript, as Humanbeast. Does your past and current collaborative practice play a role in informing your solo work?

There is a symbiotic relationship between my solo work and collaborative work. Each require different amounts of courage and vulnerability. Whether through performance or image, the human body streams through your work.

What is it about the body (and specifically your body) that makes it such a prominent character in your narratives?

Sensory observations can be so distracting. Walking down the street translates into smelling strangers as I pass, the crunch under my shoes, and hearing a pigeon slowing the flit of its wings to
land. We all experience our surroundings like this. I obsessively make mental notes of it. When those mental notes reach critical mass, they transform into photo, video, costume or dance. It boils down to how someone might cross barriers without tools or skills. What’s the bare

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