Pre-Existing Condition: At Yellow Peril Gallery (Big Red & Shiny, 07/29/13)

KATHRYN PARKER ALMANAS Vestige (2010)  from series: Pre-Existing Condition Archival Pigment Print  40" x 50" / Edition of 3 + 1AP 20" x 24" / Edition of 5 + 1AP  EXHIBITION BOOK (including bio, artwork descriptions and prices) »
There are only seven photographs in the first gallery, but they pack a punch to the gut.

The immediate response upon walking through the door is visceral, even overwhelming for some people.

Gallery Director Vanphouthon Souvannasane is aware of their effect. He was quick to come over to greet me, jovially pointing out the artist’s statement on the wall, lest there be any confusion over just what I was confronting. Some of the images are “hard to digest,” he noted. Landscapes these are not!

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