Last day of summer (I

"im propia" by Raquel Paiewonsky

I welcomed the summer with a trip to Governor’s Island, riding the free ferry with my bike in tow. I just realized, that I took the same trip, coincidentally, on the last day of summer, bike and all! Life in New York is full of magical coincidences like this and I get a kick out of realizing stuff like that. I met my friends Lizzie and Carlos and rode around the now partially under construction ghost town in search of Dominican artist Raquel Paiewonsky’s show with Yellow Peril Gallery at the Governors Island Art Fair.

The fair itself was a big disappointment as we rode our bikes and walked around looking for Raquel’s work, most of the fair’s shows were very naïve and I felt a déjà vu from a summer art program exhibition right on the same island 20 something years ago. I was so relieved and happily surprise when we found her show. I’ve only seem the installation of the wall of nylon stuffed tits on pictures posted on the Internet and was dying to see it live. Walking into the room made me sigh, a powerful felling took over; I was able to experience that intimate space between the spectator and an art piece in a way sculptures and installations facilitate. For me that personal moment between one, the piece and the artist is the most precious part of going to see any art exhibition.

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