Kathryn Parker Almanas at Yellow Peril, Providence, Rhode Island (Kolaj Magazine, 07/18/13)

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"Chronic Care Collection" | Kathryn Parker Almanas

“Pre-Exisiting Condition” investigates destruction and healing within the body and the terrors and pleasures of embodiment.

Using ingredients found in delectable pastries, Almanas creates and photographs visceral tableaux of surrogate organs that explore destruction, digestion and healing. “Seduction is another aspect present in the anatomical imagery from “Pre-Exisiting Condition”, suggests Curator Robert P. Stack. “One is simultaneously drawn to the salacious appearance of the edible material, while repulsed by the seemingly disemboweled carnage of boldly colored still lifes evoking life’s more unpleasant realities. All of the senses are sharply awakened at once.”

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