EDITORS’ PICK: “Proximity,” featuring sculpture, performance, photography, and installation work by Hao Ni (Providence Phoenix, 08/15/13)

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HAO NI Altar (2013)  clipped parrots, various wood, rope, strings and polished steel approximately 52” x 28”
“Proximity,” the new exhibit at Yellow Peril Gallery, 60 Valley St, Providence, features sculpture, photography, and installation work by Hao Ni.

Curator Robert P. Stack notes the work strives to “uncover that subtle violence hidden in plain sight, as well as a search for that ‘accidental sublimity’ in trivial, fleeting moments of everyday life.”

Ni says, “When various cycles and systems overlap, tensions will inevitably emerge like mountains from the collision of craters. Whether it’s the pressure from time and space compression, or bargaining prices at a thrift store, we never see it or hear it, but we are constantly reminded that we are in the center of the storm.”

You’ll look at the interaction between people and places differently after absorbing “Proximity.”

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