COLLECT | Autumn 2012: Letter from the Editor

Life in the post-Madonna age dictates that one must constantly reinvent oneself in order to stay relevant. But through it all, Madonna/ Madge/Esther/MDNA remains the same at her core despite the surface updates. Thus it is with the re-launch of COLLECT. We’ve refreshed our whole outward appearance; yet remain committed to our basic vow to promote art and design for the curated lifestyle. 

COLLECT | Autumn 2012COLLECT has evolved from the playbill sized monthly that you’ve all come to know and love, to a full sized quarterly that I’m sure you’ll be as excited about as we are. The larger format will provide room for more content and the seasonal distribution will provide for more advanced notice of upcoming events in the Providence Art scene.

Successful features carried-over include in-depth interviews with featured Artists who will be exhibiting at Yellow Peril Gallery during the season, as well as Reviews of prominent exhibitions in Providence and beyond written by local critics.

New features debuted in the redesign include featured profiles of Artists included in the new Flat File Program launching at Yellow Peril Gallery, and Preview Articles of coming exhibitions in the area you won’t want to miss.

We’re very excited about this latest reinvention, as well as all of the recent happenings at Yellow Peril Gallery. In addition to the Flat File Program, and the outdoor performance/installation art events of the summer such as ‘Table Fights 2012’ and ‘Summer Grid’ by Quintin Rivera Toro, we are continuing to think out side of the gallery box. October 5th will see the launch of our first intervention #120 Satellite Project, a project space utilizing unleased commercial space to exhibit large-scale works frequently unrepresented in commercial galleries, as well as providing additional exhibition space for local artists in a city that has seen these opportunities shrink drastically in recent years.

We’re equally excited to continue our vision for COLLECT , namely to engage with the community not only through readership, but also by collaboration with local writers on content. We look forward to hearing your story ideas.

I think this is our best issue of COLLECT yet, and I feel you will agree with me too. Thank you for your continued support.

Robert P. Stack

Robert P. Stack, Editor, COLLECT