Yellow Peril Gallery is pleased to announce that Issue #4 of COLLECT | Art + Culture for the Curated Lifestyle featuring NATALIE GRUPPUSO is on its way to the printer!

COLLECT | June 2012The June 2012 issue of COLLECT features:

  • LOVE AND EQUALITY, a photo series about the faces of same-sex marriage by Natalie Gruppuso. Readers are introduced some of the faces behind the portraits and hear their stories about life as everyday people
  • THE PROVIDENCE ARTIST CAMPAIGN, an interview with Tom West, one of the candidates and mastermind behind the exciting endeavor to make art relevant again in the Creative Capital
  • WHY WE COLLECT: OBJETS D’ART, a profile of Collectors Anh Vu and Philip Sawyer, the dynamic husband and wife from Philip Sawyer Designs in Providence and Newport
  • FRIEZE IS COLD…BUT THE NIGHT IS YOUNG, a romp in the Big Apple to check out the Frieze Art Fair, the latest pretender to The Armory Show’s throne

Pick up your copy of COLLECT at Yellow Peril Gallery during the opening events for LOVE AND EQUALITY (June 15th and 21st) or read the magazine online: